Promotion 588k on ekrummy site


Promotion 588k on ekrummy site

Promotion 588k is a good promotion to welcome new membersattractive at ekrummy. This isPromotional support program for members who deposit money for the first timeas encouragement to the members' spirit. We – ekrummy bookmaker are committedwill serve members 24/7, including holidays. Please join usWe will take home extremely valuable gifts, along with billions of dongBonuses await you.

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100 or more 20% 588 15 times

1000 or more ten% 588 10 times

※ Deposit amount is calculated based on website score (1000VND = 1point)

※ This promotion does not include Lottery stakes

Promotion method

  • 1. After receiving the promotion, the valid bet must be reached level (deposit + bonus) X multiple of new bet can withdraw money.
    For example: Deposit 200 points and you will receive 40 points. So You must bet (200 + 40) X 15 = 3,600 points or more only when you can withdraw money (bets on both sides will not be accepted Calculate the amount of valid bet). If you withdraw money before reaching The amount of bet required will be deducted in full promotional rewards and benefits arising from promotions.
  • 2. You want to receive the promotion after depositing money Please click on Promotions, select Register now to send The request will be approved and completed within 3 days language.
  • 3. Same account/family/residence address/phone contact/payment account (like debit account, card credit etc…..) IP address/shared computer system You can only receive the reward once.
  • 4. Our company has the right to decide which members to have Take advantage of promotions to place bets unusual or not, we will strictly monitor member's behavior. When a member is discovered to be in violation, defraud or take advantage of the rules and terms of our company for profiteering. In In this case, we have the right to suspend membership log in and suspend members from using our website us, and at the same time withdraw all promotional bonuses forever and other arising benefits without having to inform notice in advance.
  • 5. If something goes wrong with this program, please fix it I reserve the right to modify, suspend or cancel the program promotions at any time.

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