How to play Dragon Tiger ekrummy


How to play Dragon Tiger ekrummy

What is the Dragon Tiger card? How to play Dragon Tiger ekrummy to easily win the house female ?

Dragon Tiger is often described as a version of two-card Baccarat, with simplified gameplay. Let's also ekrummy find out more information Details on how to play the Dragon Tiger ekrummy card easily to beat the house.

Dragon Tiger cards originated from Cambodia and quickly became popular on fishing sites Large online betting is widely used around the world. Single game rules Simple and easy to understand, fast pace of play, especially some big bookmakers in Europe Asia like ekrummy offers high winning rates and payouts which is why Online betting players in Asia absolutely love the game Play this Dragon Tiger card.

Dragon and Tiger cards have two main types of bets: Dragon and Tiger. Which door has more points? will win. Additionally, there are other options, such as Tie.

Most players play cards after experiencing playing Dragon Tiger card game ekrummy all believe that this is a type of card with high luck. However, if With a clear roadmap and playing method, 70 - 80% of wins will lie at your fingertips.

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Dragon tiger ekrummy card game rules

1. At the beginning of each hand, 1 card will be discarded.

2. Each turn, the system only gives out 2 cards, the order is Dragon first and then the Tiger.

3. Only compare the points on the cards, not the moves, the highest cards are K and The smallest card is A. If two cards have the same value, the result is a Draw.

4. Each time you change the deck of cards, start folding (draw the first card The more points you get, the more cards will be removed.)

5. If the last hand of the deck results in a Draw, another hand will result is played before changing to another deck of cards

6. This game uses 6 decks of cards (each set of 52 cards) to play.

Method of playing Dragon Tiger ekrummy card to win X3

Most players will usually trust their luck and place random bets A Dragon or Tiger course of playing the Dragon Tiger ekrummy card. With red form above, you have wasted your x2 chance of winning.

Professional players will choose to bet and bet according to either Rules below:

Only bet on Dragon or Tiger
That means you only need to calculate the probability of one side being the Dragon or Tiger and bet faithfully on only 1 door. You should not book Both sides are random because this will cause confusion and make it difficult to control the schedule Betting history and pace of play of that table.

This is a safe bet, suitable for new players without experience experience. And if you apply a more reasonable betting strategy that site offers the possibility of winning up to 70 - 80%.

Example: Bet history chart: R H H H R H H R R R H => Maybe See, after every 2 games with R-H results, the next game is likely to win Tiger's is 99%. So let's wait for the Dragon - Tiger results to come back and then bet All in for the Tiger in game 3.

Only bet on Draw
This is the riskiest betting method, the motto is "win or lose". Are not". Before deciding to bet on Tie, you need to observe 20 to 30 game and record the results (results in the betting history table).

If the probability of a draw is higher than 30% (ie every 10 matches there will be at least 3 matches draw) then you can safely bet on a draw in the next 10 matches.

If the probability of going out is less than 30%, you should definitely not place and wait next games or change to another table

Since the odds are 1 to 8, if the result doesn't come back to this door it's at least 1 to 8 match (12.5%), you will definitely lose. So before you bet You need to track your betting history to know your odds of winning How much before depositing money?

See more: Instructions for depositing ekrummy

Instructions on how to play Dragon Tiger ekrummy

Step 1: Log in to your ekrummy account following the link (If you do not have a member account, you can also click the Register button above top of home page)

Step 2: Select the Card Game section circled in red as shown in the picture

Step 3: Select the 3D item circled in red as shown in the picture

Step 4: Transfer all points into Dragon Tiger ekrummy card game

Step 5: Select the Table section and select the Dragon Tiger ekrummy game, circled in red as in the picture.

Step 6: Here, you have entered the main interface of the Dragon Tiger card game ekrummy. Wish you win big!


Website is pleased to accompany and serve you. Hy Hope the above article is useful and brings victory to players. Thank you very much for watching and participating in the game experience Play Dragon Tiger ekrummy card game.

We - the number 1 bookmaker in Asia always have a mission to create an environment Healthy, safe and reliable entertainment for players to have social time stress, earn extra income, immerse yourself in the overwhelming betting atmosphere full of emotions

If you have any questions about the Dragon Tiger ekrummy card game, please Please contact support immediately. We are always available and supportive customers 24/7, including holidays.

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