Receive a gift of 5, choose 1 with ekrummy


Receive a gift of 5, choose 1 with ekrummy

Receive a 5-for-1 gift as a welcome promotion for new membersattractive at ekrummy. TheseA valuable gift as our thank you to our membersuse our services. We - the ekrummy bookmaker are committed to serving youServing members 24/7, including holidays. Please join usto win extremely valuable gifts and billions of dong in prize moneyis waiting for you.

New members during promotion period January 1, 2020 ~ December 31, 2020 top up3 times or more with a total deposit of over 5,000,000 VND.
※ Eligible members please register to receive gifts before the date December 31, 2024

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Promotion form

Step 1: Members who meet the promotion conditions just need to click Select “Offers” on the home page interface, then click “Receive gifts of 5 options 1" then click "Receive now" to choose 1 of 5 gifts you want to receive, Then fill in the information to receive the gift.

Step 2: After approval, arrangements will be made to send gifts to members.

Choose gift 1 out of 5

The gifts are limited in quantity, once all the gifts have been distributed, they will be releasedend.

Desktop vacuum cleaner 

 Bluetooth headphone 

 USB plug-in mist sprayer 

2-hole backup charger 

 Portable bluetooth speaker

Attention category

  1. Regardless of whether it is an individual or a group, if there is abuse of the chapter Our company's promotions in any form. After conduct due diligence, the company has the right to cancel and revoke the activities member incentives.
  2. All of our promotions are designed Exclusively for members. In case when members register information If a dispute occurs, in order to ensure the interests of both parties and avoid situations account theft, we have the right to request members to provide full information enough authentic information for us to take corrective measures Members are eligible to receive incentives in our promotions us or not.
  3. In the case when a member of the company commits acts of creating a lot of money If the terms are different, we have the right to cancel or withdraw the services member promotions. Each player, each address, Email, same phone number, payment card number/credit card number, lip shared computer environments (internet shops, other shared networks, shared computer) may only be eligible for one benefit incentives in promotions.
  4. If any problems occur with this program, our company is there right to modify, suspend or cancel any promotion when.
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