ekrummy Promotion – Huge Super Attractive Promotional Offer


ekrummy Promotion – Huge Super Attractive Promotional Offer

ekrummy promotions are always a highlight because this place has themHuge incentives for all players. In particular, the house also owns ita large number of members because of extremely unique products. To beTo understand more details, let's find out in the article belowhere it is!

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A few words about ekrummy bookmaker

ekrummy is a bookmaker specializing in online betting, established in2012 in the Philippines. Thanks to his extremely professional working styleindustry, many diverse products along with promotional programs,This has made the house highly appreciated.

All the betting products here are all tested tooStrict appraisal process by the world betting association. BesideBesides, deposit and withdrawal transactions are all done very wellFast and secure with many payment methods.

ekrummy's customer service staff is extremely professionaland dedicated. In particular, the player's information system is secureExtremely safe and absolutely perfect. Thanks to the immense advantagesWith that superiority, the house has quickly won the trust of many peopleyou play. Up to now, the number of members registered to stay at the house is still the sameis continuously increasing.

Collection of attractive ekrummy promotions

To attract players to stay for a long time, promotion is one of themextremely important factor. ekrummy has come up with a lot of great dealsenabled to give your members a more valuable experience. Let'sLet's find out what those attractive ekrummy promotions are right below.

ekrummy 50% promotion for first deposit

This promotion applies to all membersRegister for your first deposit at the house. Rules of the promotion programekrummy as follows:

  • When registering for the first deposit, all members have the opportunity Receive a bonus of up to 50% of the amount you deposit. In addition, the You can also participate in the drawing to exchange prizes along with the prize value Bonus can be up to 20 million VND.
  • The ekrummy promotion is applicable to fish products Betting such as: Lottery, sports betting, lottery.
  • Each member account can only participate in the program One-time promotion for the same period only.
  • If you want to withdraw money, you need to complete at least one The betting round is at the bookmaker.

Refund bets up to 2%

The ekrummy return promotion is applicable to allmembers of the house. Rules of this refund programas follows:

  • Promotion applies to attractive betting products such as: Fish Sports betting, slot games, lottery. Each player can only Receive promotion only once at the same time.
  • As soon as you place a bet, your money will be given to the house Refund within 24 hours, no minimum bet limit as well as deposit money into your account.
  • With this promotion, you must participate in placing and losing bets with the amount specified by the house. Then you will be able to participate promotions and receive rewards of similar value extremely attractive. Players have the right to redeem their rewards become an artifact of corresponding value.

A few other promotions

In addition to the ekrummy promotions mentioned above, there are also other offers Extremely attractive like:

    • Receive 100,000 VND immediately when registering an account at the house ekrummy success.
  • Lucky draw every day with a value of up to 100 to 300k
  • Unlimited refund program for products betting products when participating.
  • Receive extremely huge incentives up to 5 million VND when you share Publicly on social networking sites such as Instagram, Facebook,...
  • Promote to VIP level when reaching the minimum betting amount according to regulations.
  • Participate in playing online casino games and receive up to 100% refund about 10 million VND.
  • 30% bonus for those who play Casino on weekends.
  • Participating in Baccarat will receive a refund of up to 2.5%

Things to note when playing at the house

Players participating in betting must be 18 years of age or older and fully qualified civil action force. Member accounts can only be used properly At the house, it is not allowed to be used for bad purposes or for unethical behavior violate the law.

You may not disclose your account information to anyone. If you lose it yourself, the dealer will not be responsible at all.

Above is all the information about the ekrummy promotion that we want to share share with you. Through this article, we hope that you will be able to understand better Go to the bookmaker and receive many attractive incentives for yourself Please!

Collection of 3 attractive card exchange games at ekrummy

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