Instructions for ekrummy lottery prediction


Instructions for ekrummy lottery prediction

What is ekrummy disc jockey?

This is a question that many members often ask when playing coin toss. Really The demand in coin toss is simply the history of coin toss results. Predict the lottery ekrummy is that viewing the history of results of previous shocks can help you predict the result of the next spin. So if you want to win the game In this case, scanning is almost mandatory, otherwise you just have to Just rely on luck to play.

Prediction helps you reduce the odds of playing lucky bets, increasing your judgment and ability Your judgment for the next bet, without being too dependent much depends on luck. Of course, if you have bad luck, you can do it within 1 hour earn huge sums of money.

With many years of experience, I would like to share all the secrets in How to predict lottery numbers so you can win more easily. Avoid losing Bet, get frustrated and quit this exciting game or lose too much money to debt later.

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Popular types of ekrummy disc jockeys

Long-time disc jockey players often have many different ways of predicting, In which even or odd bridge shapes, 1-1, 2-1... are often found much. Depending on the previous results, you can infer many conclusions back plank.

For example, if you just enter the table and see the result is Even or Odd, the result is consecutive next. At that time, you can completely play the bet based on the results Before that, you could bet at the double ratio of 1:2:4:8:16,... Then double the previous bet and should bet a small amount to avoid the risk of losing money. If this demand keeps coming out, you can follow it to make profit

Because this bridge is easy to play and often encountered, it has an extremely large number of players. Although However, there are also many people who lose heavily because they trust this bridge too much. Terrible My playing experience is as follows: observe carefully, play evenly, don't lose Stay calm when you lose. In particular, you should "wait for the opportunity", wait at least 5-7 games to decide to bet.

How to play ekrummy to win easily

Break the bridge

Usually people prefer to keep flat bridges, but the flat bridge is too long will break, hence the concept of Breaking the Bridge. So you should wait for the opportunity to attack, My experience is that the bridge usually ends at the 9th or 13th hand. Wallet For example, if you see an odd bet, you will bet on an even number. If not, just double the number The stakes are up. Of course, there are days when you win big and you get hundreds of millions, but Losing days is no less. Now I can completely confirm no Never lose money when playing coin toss, at least when breaking the bridge your chance of winning you will be much bigger.

Break the 2-1 bridge by playing Odd instead of Even because you think there isn't one Prayers are beautiful and everything is like that. The result is Odd and you have broken it into bridge 2-1 (other bridges are similar)

Only bet on one side, Even or Odd

When you see a face appear continuously, you just keep playing that face. If you lose, then play x2, if you eat, come back and play x1. I only encourage new players to play Stop. Because if you can't guess the ball, it will be very difficult to win the game. So let's Divide your betting capital into small pieces over several days. For example every day you spend 100k - 500k to play, that day I will take all even or odd numbers for myself, when the profit comes. If you get 20-30% of your capital, you can retire. Surely this bet is simple and easy to play It's also much easier to win than trying to figure out what to play something.

Xoc Dia is like other games, no casino game is simple, However, coin toss with a 50% win rate is considered too big to play. Only If you need a reasonable betting method and good capital management, you will never win Losing too much now. Avoid losing your temper after just a few losing hands and go all in it's over.

I share a small tip to easily win coin toss, increasing the winning rate by up to 75%. For you guys, it's a "combination bet". Here, for example, the image below, after If I predict the odds, I think it will be 80% lucky and if the odd number is 60% likely, I will bet on both fortune, odd and 3 red 1 white 1k each. The result is 3 red and 1 white, me If you swallow all 3 boxes, your capital is 3k and you drink 4k520. This method should only be applied if you Look carefully at both the Odd and Wealth bridges.


Betting games like coin toss have both winning and losing, but they also have consequences Extremely entertaining and attractive. That's why quite a lot of people Addicted, immersed and unable to withdraw, then far away from shore, to remote islands, far from family... Remember that no matter how good the lottery prediction is, there is a small chance of losing. Can't win 100%. Wishing you to always be alert, in control of yourself win this game.

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