Instructions for playing ekrummy at ekrummy lobby


Instructions for playing ekrummy at ekrummy lobby

ekrummy Xoc Dia is an attractive and engaging game at ekrummy lobby by The game rules are simple and it's easy to win. Xoc disc in English is Shaking the plate, is a casino game with a history of over 100 years. this is a Among the favorite gambling games played in the North and Central regions Vietnam. With simple tools including 1 plate, 1 bowl and 4 round buttons of 2 colors Red and white, you can play. . I will guide you in the article below Show you how to enter the table and how to place bets at the ekrummy lobby.

Play ekrummy online at the bookmaker ekrummy is an alternative to traditional disc jockeys. Just need one Any smartphone or laptop with an Internet connection can participate Experience this fascinating game.

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Instructions for playing ekrummy at ekrummy lobby

How to enter the dice table

Step 1: Log in to your ekrummy account

Step 2: Select ekrummy lobby

After successfully depositing money and increasing points. You click on ekrummy

Step 3:

Select Xoc Dia as shown below

There are tables like: Xoc Dia A, Xoc Dia B,... for you to choose from, just click You can choose any table.

Once you get used to playing, you will want to go to a table with a nice bridge to play, or a table with a pretty MC,...Or if you're superstitious, choose a table that you think suits you Water".

Step 4: Learn the Xoc Dia table interface on mobile phones

The ekrummy disc shock is divided into 4 areas as shown below:

&VAT; Area 1: Xoc Dia table area of ​​Vietnamese Dealers and MCs beautiful (Because it is a Live Casino, you can interact with the MC, which is very interesting Are you right?)

&VAT; Area 2: Betting area includes 8 boxes:

4 main boxes: Even, Odd, Over, Under

4 squares: 4 white, 4 red, 3 red 1 white, 3 white 1 red

&VAT; Area 3: Area to select bet level and confirm (cancel) bet

&VAT; Region 4: History of Xoc Dia (Xoc Dia Bridge), you can rely on that Predict the results of the next game

How to bet on ekrummy dice

The probability of Even - Odd is 50/50 so this game is very easy to play and easy to win

When starting a bet, you will have 15 seconds to place a bet and choose the bet level match and then place your bet

For example: If you want to bet Odd 500 points, you choose 500 points (500k) => Click on the box Odd 1 (Note: Click 2 for 1000 points, 3 for 1500 points,...) => Press OK to confirm the bet (If there is no OK, leave it as it is)

MC will proceed to shake the plate and open the bowl. If the result is Odd then you win, out If it's even, you lose


  • Once you have chosen the amount and selected the bet box, remember to press OK to confirm receive. Because in many cases we forget to press OK but the result is correct I predicted it but it's a pity not to be rewarded!
  • If there is no OK button, it is because you initially chose to bet directly no confirmation required. Finish placing your bet and wait for the shock result to receive reward
  • Minimum bet is 50 points (50k), maximum is 20,000 points (20 million)

Possible outcomes:

For each game of dice, there will be the following results when opening the bowl:

  • 4 red buttons
  • 4 white buttons
  • 3 white 1 red
  • 3 red 1 white
  • 2 red 2 white

Corresponding as follows:

  • Even: 4 red buttons, 4 white buttons or 2 white 2 red buttons
  • Odd: 3 white 1 red, or 3 red 1 white
  • Over: 4 red or 3 red 1 white
  • Under: 4 white or 3 white 1 red

You can bet according to the color of the button (position) to have a high winning rate more, but the probability of winning is very low. The advice is to limit placing bet on these boxes.

The ekrummy jackpot payout rate is according to the table below:

Betting on the Over/Under position that results in 2 red and 2 white will be counted In a tie, the amount you initially bet will be returned

The advantages of playing ekrummy online

There are many other bookies that have online coin toss games, but most are in the form of games 3D virtual programming by computer. Programming is easy for bookmakers to interfere with on the results of the game.

Currently, only ekrummy and WM Casino at ekrummy bookmaker have coin toss Real people with the most beautiful interface. The real person shakes and the result will be random and the best judge will be the one who wins the most

Some other advantages of ekrummy and traditional coin tossing:

  • If you are someone who regularly plays traditional dice outside, You will always have to worry about breaking the law because of gambling for money. But playing on ekrummy, it's completely like you're playing a game online, but completely with real money, and can make money real from the game, but never about breaking the law or being caught by the police presently.
  • Never worry about being cheated by others. Play at the dealer Asia's top level, 100% you will not encounter scams. Every day in stock Tens of billions of dong were deposited and withdrawn on the ekrummy system. The dealer doesn't cover it Now where do you get your few million in change?
  • You are completely proactive about the time and place to play. You just If you have 4G or Wifi network, you can log in to the game and make money. You can sit at home or at a coffee shop, whenever you have free time and want to make more money.
  • When playing on ekrummy, you will interact and chat with many people other players. In particular, there are beautiful MCs who will interact with you, Helps you have moments of fun and earn money comfortably.


Above are the most basic instructions when you start playing ekrummy coin toss to make money. However, winning or losing depends on luck your luck. Today you may be lucky to win, but one day If bad luck finds you, money will not fly away.

Of course, to win, you also need to equip yourself with additional knowledge and experience from previous players. Although there are only 2 doors, Even/Odd or Over/Under with a ratio of 50/50 but not everyone wins When in a hurry, go to 1 door. Please refer to the article below to get it Let's add a multi-dimensional view of this interesting game.

3 tips to choose a reputable online casino website for you Make huge money from ekrummy bookmaker. Wishing all members to always be human win !

If you have any comments or questions, please send a message to the support box Online support (below right corner) or contact us via Zalo for timely support.

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