Secret to winning big when playing over/under at ekrummy


Secret to winning big when playing over/under at ekrummy

When you mention a game using 3 dice, you definitely think of it right awaystupid name. This is one of the prize-winning card games that is always popular with the communityGamers welcome. To bring opportunities to get rich together ekrummy, below we would like to share some tips to bring great successfor you when playing Sic Bo

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Understand the rules of ekrummy Sic Bo

One secret to ensuring a big win when playing over/under at ekrummy is to holdclear rules of the game. It's not natural that the talented old guys always tell the new guysPlayers should carefully review the game rules before placing bets. Understand the rules of the game, brothersOnly then can we calculate the probability of the door opening. At the same time, new playersKnow exactly how much to bet to get a profit.At the same time, understanding the rules of the game is also a way to limit the situationlost.

If you don't understand the rules of ekrummy, you probably only know twoBetting options are Over and Under. In particular, the Over bet is to choose the total score of 3 dicedice greater than or equal to 11. The remaining Under option is to choose the total score of 3 diceless than or equal to 10. But in fact, if you clearly understand the detailed rules of the game,Bettors will know that Over/Under has many other betting options such as:

  • Same pair bet: Prediction regarding a direct result of 2 dice have the same score on their faces.
  • Triple bet: Prediction regarding the direct result of having 3 dice present same score on face.
  • Total bet: Prediction regarding the exact total result of 3 balls dice.
  • Pair bet: Prediction regarding the exact total result of 2 balls dice.

Prepare a stable amount of capital

Preparing enough capital will be a strategy to create a strong psychology for peopleplay Sic Bo. With this tip, players will easily eliminate the wild mentalitySometimes you fall into an unlucky situation when you lose many rounds in a rowprevious bet. Because your betting capital is stable, you still have enough room to increaseBet on sure-to-win rounds to recover your bets and earn more over/under profits.

In case the betting capital is stable but not too high, you should chooseSafe betting rounds. Or when the total budget is low, the brothers playOver/under bets should be divided into several parts. Each betting round has billionsThe winning rate is low, you bet the minimum part. As for the over betting roundUnder has a very high win rate, players bet with the maximum possible.With this way of playing over/under, you can easily bet on multiple roundsto help increase cumulative profits.

Choose the appropriate betting table

Currently, the ekrummy betting site has many over/under betting tables set up in many placeslevel. If you are a master, you can choose a large Over/Under betting table for the pricehigh bet value. But if you are a beginner, you should only choose valuable betsBet low or choose the betting table for "trainees" to try it out for free.


As a new over/under player, you often make the mistake of placing a betas soon as you join the game. However, there is one way to choose a bet that is sure to winis based on prediction. Over/under bets are calculated based on probabilityStatistics of times the over and under bets have exploded. Therefore, prediction is one thingSecret tips have helped players make a lot of money from Sic Bo. Change your bet nowIn the opening round, please use the over/under prediction feature on ekrummy toChoose the most accurate bet.

Play quickly

Playing quickly is the most classic secret of experts for betting on Over/Under. ApplyThis secret will bring the biggest bonus to gamers playing dice. OpenAt the beginning of the betting round, the player chooses to bet a fixed amount. If the betting roundIf you win, the next round bet amount will remain the original fixed level. But not yetIf you win, you will increase your bet by at least 2 times.

At the online game portal ekrummy, the total daily over/under bet is alwaysvery high level. Thoroughly apply the secrets to winning big when playing over/under atekrummy will bring super big rewards to bettors.

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